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About WARN

Women have powerful voices. They are the mothers, daughters and sisters of change, in the home and the community. That’s why the Women Against Radicalisation Network (WARN) believes that women can empower themselves to speak, learn and act together against radicalisation.

WARN Founder

Henna Rai

Women from different backgrounds help to make WARN what it is today. But one woman made it happen – Henna Rai. In November 2015, Henna met a group of women in her local community in Birmingham and was inspired by their need to do something to tackle radicalisation. At the time there was no platform for women to speak out, learn and come together to discuss a topic that affected them and their community. WARN changed that. 

We admit it, we push things. Often we discuss difficult, even taboo subjects. We have to. It’s a case of the most effective help is always self help. The valuable tools given, will help you to spot the signs – even in the people most closest to you. So you’ll know what to do and where to go for help and support.


The WARN workshops have been created to make a real difference to women.

The WARN workshops have been created to make a real difference to women. Through discussions covering a variety of topics that matter, members and their guests can gain a greater understanding of radicalisation and how it is used by extremist organisations, to help build awareness and resilience to it. The workshops offer support and advice to women concerned, but perhaps more importantly, the chance to express their opinions free from barriers, in a safe and friendly environment.

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If you want to change your life or make a difference to someone else's, find out more about the work WARN do, or take part in a workshop or seminar. We'd love to hear from you.

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