Monthly Archives: April 2016

Stay Safe Online

Learning how to stay safe online is an important lesson for every parent in the internet age. Extremist content has become more and more accessible, and the individuals who promote it are always lurking online...

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Crimes Against Yazidis and Christians Recognised by Parliament

British MPs have unanimously voted to condemn Daesh’s actions against the Yazidis and Christians in Iraq and Syria as genocide. The evil murderous thugs hiding behind the banner of Islam have committed the unimaginable against...

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6 Muslim women who changed the world

Muslim women have been changing the world for the better for centuries. Excelling in the fields of science, medicine, architecture and politics, Muslim women have been paving the way. Their struggles and victories have inspired...

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Wearing the hijab: choice or duty

The Hijab has been part of Islamic practice for a long time and yet, the Qur’anic instruction of modesty has been fiercely debated in recent years. Despite huge numbers of Muslim women sharing their experiences...

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