Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Orlando shooting is a symptom of the decline of Daesh

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, WARN Founder Henna Rai wrote this response that originally appeared in The Telegraph. The horrific events at Orlando reveal a deadly turn in the tactics of Daesh, as the...

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Online Radicalisation: The Lure of Kittens & Nutella

Online radicalisation by Daesh has taken a worrying new direction in recent months. Daesh have been using images of kittens and Nutella to draw vulnerable young people, especially girls, to join the terrorist group and...

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Daesh defeat brings the colour back into one woman’s life

One woman has decided to celebrate being liberated from the barbaric rule of Daesh by wearing a colourful red hijab with a floral design. [1] Abdu Al-Muotee lives in a Syrian town called Abu Qalqal...

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