Monthly Archives: August 2016

Boko Haram and Daesh: How Women Are Abused for Terror

Boko Haram has published a new video demanding the release of its fighters, leaving families and audiences around the world demanding change. The distressing video shows about 50 of the Chibok school girls kidnapped two...

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Assault on the Lawyers of Quetta

Earlier this week, we witnessed a violent terrorist assault take the lives of at least 74 people at Quetta's Civil Hospital in Baluchistan, Pakistan. The blast, which injured approximately 120 others, targeted the lawyers of...

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How we can learn from the death of Kadiza Sultana

The death of Kadiza Sultana is the final act in the life of a British teenager radicalised by Daesh and lured to Syria. Young people all over Britain can remember this bright “straight A” pupil...

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