Monthly Archives: September 2016

University Students Are Not Immune to Radicalisation

Sending our children to university undoubtedly fills us with a sense of pride and achievement. After years of nurturing, it feels like the hard work has paid off. But just because they are adults doesn’t...

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Why Yasmine Bouzegan Marzouk’s Simple Message about Islam Needs to be Shared

Paris witnessed a simple yet powerful moment on Monday as twenty-one-year-old French Muslim, Yasmine Bouzegan Marzouk addressed an audience of presidents, prime ministers and other dignitaries with one simple message: ‘Don’t Confuse Islam with Terrorism’....

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Recognising Genocide: The Atrocities of Daesh Against Yazidi Women

The torrent of human rights violations that characterises Daesh is due to be formally recognised by the international courts. Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is working to represent numerous women who have escaped sexual slavery,...

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Mothers Losing Toddlers to a Vicious Education Under Daesh

The indoctrination of young children, including toddlers who are at a prime stage of development, continues to be a growing facet of Daesh’s violent agenda. Now, the story of yet another family imprisoned by the...

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Henna Rai, founder of WARN on Anjem Choudary

The conviction of Anjem Choudary is a bitter-sweet moment. At last, a known radicaliser is being taken off our streets and denied the access to social media where he spread his poison. But this moment...

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Adnani: The death of a terrorist leader

This week we have learnt of the death of Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, the official Daesh spokesman who brainwashed young people to stay in their own countries and carry out “lone-wolf” attacks on innocent civilians. Daesh...

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