Monthly Archives: March 2017

International Women’s Day: A Time to Focus on the Plight of Yazidi Women Fighting Back

It seems salient on International Women’s Day to remember the thousands of women who have been abused by Daesh in Syria and Iraq. The terrorist militants have destroyed the lives of a huge number of...

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Extremely British Muslims Proves Faith and Culture are not the Same

There was a moment in the opening episode of Extremely British Muslims, which debuted on Channel 4 last night, that has stuck with us: ‘You girls are very choosy.’ Last night’s episode followed three young...

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The Community Funded Rebuilding of a Yazidi Shrine Destroyed by Daesh is Inspirational

An incredible story of resilience, sprit and hope is emerging from the Yazidi township of Babire that is sending a soaring symbol of hope into the skies of Iraq. After the genocide, brutality and savagery...

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