Crimes Against Yazidis and Christians Recognised by Parliament

British MPs have unanimously voted to condemn Daesh’s actions against the Yazidis and Christians in Iraq and Syria as genocide.

The evil murderous thugs hiding behind the banner of Islam have committed the unimaginable against many people, but the horrific suffering of the Yazidis and Christian women and children has resounded the world over.

Since taking control of parts of Syria and northern Iraq, Daesh have carried out unimaginable atrocities and have pillaged, murdered and raped countless women and children as young as 8.

Stories emerging from survivors, like the 16-year-old Yazidi girl who was captured, sold as a slave and continuously raped after witnessing her father and brother murdered before her eyes was one of the most shocking. Others spoke of witnessing the crucifixion of children in front of their parents, and the rape of a 9-year-old girl who later died.

MPs stated that the motion proposed insists on the overwhelmingly damning evidence against Daesh and the evils they have committed and the need for them to be recognised and addressed in similar resolutions from other leading international and legislative bodies across the world.

The vote in parliament is certainly a positive step towards the recognition of Daesh’s war crimes as genocide against the Yazidis and Christian people. It is a triumph that will also bring to light the need for the UN Security Council to take action against these crimes.

The recognition allows the international community to carry out their part in preventing, punishing and protecting people against the unspeakable. It solidifies the stance that standing together as an international community against Daesh will bring an end to its evil existence.


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