Daesh defeat brings the colour back into one woman’s life

One woman has decided to celebrate being liberated from the barbaric rule of Daesh by wearing a colourful red hijab with a floral design. [1] Abdu Al-Muotee lives in a Syrian town called Abu Qalqal where she and every other woman were forced to wear head to foot black burqas while Daesh thugs were in control. Now they are free to dress as they like and show their face in public.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to wear a burqa. But Daesh don’t give women any choice in the matter. Instead, they’ve imposed cruel punishments on those who don’t adhere to their warped idea of Islamic dress code. Women have been beaten savagely for raising their veil momentarily or revealing their ankles.

For Abdu, being covered up and faceless is something she never intends to experience again. This feisty Kurdish lady has sworn to wear her colourful red hijab for the rest of her life. In the video, Abdu beams with happiness, barely able to control her joy at not having Daesh threatening her life because of her choice of clothes.

It’s often been said you can judge a society by the way it treats women. Daesh has operated slave markets, violated under-age girls and killed women who dared to question their rule. In September 2014, they dragged the noted human rights lawyer Samira Salih al-Nuaimi out of her home, tortured her for five days then publicly executed her.[2] In December last year, Daesh murdered another woman for breastfeeding her baby in public in their Syrian stronghold of Raqqa.[3] Forcing women to stay indoors and cover up head to foot is just part of a pattern of misogynist brutality that is the hallmark of their rule.

Abdu is doing her part to bring the beauty and colour that Daesh has stripped out of Islam. Thousands of Syrian and Iraqi women still languish under Daesh rule. Let’s hope very soon they can experience the freedom that Abdu is so obviously relishing.

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