The Liberation of Mosul: A Future Free From Daesh

As world leaders speak of the imminent battle to liberate Daesh’s Iraqi stronghold of Mosul, it’s important that we think of the terrified men, women and children who are living in the city.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi recently addressed residents of Mosul via radio to tell them, “victory is near”. It is uncertain whether the message reached the 2.5 million people who have lived under the horrific regime of Daesh since they occupied the city in 2014. The terrorist group has done its best to close off communication with the outside world to prevent people discovering the chasm between Daesh’s rosy portrayal of life under their rule and the wretched, brutal reality.

We hope that Abadi’s words are getting to our brothers and sisters in Mosul. He’s promised that very soon they will be “rescued from the injustice, tyranny and cruelty of ISIS.”

Daesh militants know that their time is limited. Their fighters are already deserting the group.

The next few months are going to be incredibly frightening for the people of Mosul as Iraqi forces fight to remove all traces of Daesh from the city.

But the operation will bring hope, freedom and a future that can currently only be dreamed of.

“We will work together to bring back life and services and stability to every city and village,” says Abadi.

After suffering more than two years of beheadings, stonings, hunger and other horrors of life in the grip of Daesh, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Families will be able to rebuild their lives. Children will be saved from indoctrination and return to school for a well-rounded education. We yearn to see children playing in the streets and mothers and fathers going about their normal lives.

The Al Shahid group posted a video of displaced Mosul residents, who sent messages of hope to those trapped by Daesh inside the ‘giant prison’ of the city. The central message was plain: “Don’t be afraid, victory is approaching.”

The horror is not over for the residents of Mosul, but a brighter tomorrow is in sight.

And the defeat of Daesh in Mosul sends a powerful message to people in the west that Islamist extremism shall not prevail. Daesh’s twisted ideology is being defeated. The horrors of life under Daesh are being revealed.

We pray that our Muslim brothers and sisters in Mosul, and across the region, will soon be free and safe to live positive, happy lives in the real name of Islam.