The Attack on Quetta’s Young Police Cadets is an Attack on Us All

Another day and yet another devastating attack on Muslims. It’s easy to become numb to such atrocities and try to block them out – especially – as in the case of this week’s bomb attack in Quetta, Pakistan, when they happen so far away.  But we must remember that modern terror has no borders. Today it’s Quetta, tomorrow it could be on our doorstep.

At least 59 young police cadets were murdered at a police training camp when terrorists detonated their explosive belts in the dormitories. A further 100 were injured.

Daesh has claimed responsibility for the brutal mass killing, releasing an image it says is of the three suicide bombers.

Daesh likes to hit where it hurts – young people training for a career in keeping people safe. The future caretakers of the Pakistani people. The men and women who would go on to maintain law and order.

The impact of the loss of these young people will be felt for many years. Hundreds of innocent families will be affected for the rest of their lives.

These terrorists thrive on chaos and rage, and that gives us a vital clue on how we can beat them. The last thing these maniacs want it is a unified, calm response to their attacks. They want the Christians to turn on the Muslims, the Sunni to turn on the Shia. They even want Sunni to turn on other Sunni. They want us to turn on each other.  If we show them we never will, they will have lost.

The victims were young people just like our sons and daughters in the UK – educating themselves, readying themselves for work, training for a worthwhile job.

We stand united with our brothers and sisters in Pakistan who are affected by this attack and stand together to reject terrorism in any form wherever it occurs in the world.