Topic: Gender Discrimination

Daesh’s Abuse of Women is Indiscriminate: A New Report Reveals Rape of Muslim Arab Women

In the spring of 2016, WARN reported on the unanimous vote by British MPs to condemn Daesh’s brutal savagery against Yazidis and Christians in Iraq as genocide. Later in the year, we wrote about human...

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Daesh Claims It Empowers Women. It Doesn’t.

We’ve seen Muslim women arrested in France, implicated in terrorist plots. This reveals an undeniable truth that Daesh not only makes victims of women but also turns some into perpetrators of violence. It does this...

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Britain is a Great Place to be a Muslim

One of the most joyous aspects of our work at WARN is seeing strong, Muslim women achieving great things – both for themselves and their families. To me, it’s a great reflection on British society...

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6 Muslim women who changed the world

Muslim women have been changing the world for the better for centuries. Excelling in the fields of science, medicine, architecture and politics, Muslim women have been paving the way. Their struggles and victories have inspired...

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