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Muslims can grieve for France without being made to feel guilty

Another attack in a western country brings the usual response on Twitter from certain parties along the lines of: you didn’t care about eighty Muslims killed in Kabul today so why should I care about...

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Nice Attack: All lives taken by terrorists are equal

The terrorist atrocity in Nice has already generated the now regular tweets along the lines: you care about France, but where were you for Syria or Bangladesh; why are you silent on Somalia, Kashmir and...

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The Orlando shooting is a symptom of the decline of Daesh

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, WARN Founder Henna Rai wrote this response that originally appeared in The Telegraph. The horrific events at Orlando reveal a deadly turn in the tactics of Daesh, as the...

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Daesh defeat brings the colour back into one woman’s life

One woman has decided to celebrate being liberated from the barbaric rule of Daesh by wearing a colourful red hijab with a floral design. [1] Abdu Al-Muotee lives in a Syrian town called Abu Qalqal...

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Crimes Against Yazidis and Christians Recognised by Parliament

British MPs have unanimously voted to condemn Daesh’s actions against the Yazidis and Christians in Iraq and Syria as genocide. The evil murderous thugs hiding behind the banner of Islam have committed the unimaginable against...

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