Topic: Staying Safe Online

How we take on the terrorist threat in our homes and neighbourhoods

The whole country has been left stunned and horrified by the recent attacks in Westminster, Manchester and now London Bridge. What other cities and countries have experienced at the hands of Daesh has now come...

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Laura Passoni: How Vulnerable Women are being Hunted by Daesh

The recent story of how Belgian mother, Laura Passoni fell under the spell of Daesh gives us a chilling insight into how these terrorists prey on the vulnerable in our communities. She was an everyday...

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Exposed: The Horrifying Tactics of Daesh’s Online Grooming

The recent sting by The Sun newspaper, in which a reporter posed as a 24-year-old British woman to gain access to a Daesh fighter in Syria, makes for chilling reading. The journalist managed to gain...

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Online Radicalisation: The Lure of Kittens & Nutella

Online radicalisation by Daesh has taken a worrying new direction in recent months. Daesh have been using images of kittens and Nutella to draw vulnerable young people, especially girls, to join the terrorist group and...

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Stay Safe Online

Learning how to stay safe online is an important lesson for every parent in the internet age. Extremist content has become more and more accessible, and the individuals who promote it are always lurking online...

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