What is WARN?

At the Women Against Radicalisation Network (WARN), our mission is to fight radicalisation through education, empowerment and engagement. We have the power to educate future generations, inspire agents of change and protect the vulnerable against the evils of radicalisation.

WARN was founded in November 2015 to tackle radicalisation, it's signs and symptoms.

We provide a platform for all women from all backgrounds, to come together and discuss ways to fight extremism reaching women and children in their community. Everyone has the opportunity to give their views on the topics we discuss and to bring up any issues they may be facing.

Through our workshops we aim to provide an understanding of the issues that lead to radicalisation. These can vary from everyday misogyny to online grooming. The valuable tools offered will help you spot the signs early and equip you with enough knowledge on what to do and where to get support.

WARN workshops on misogyny tackle the impact of discrimination against women and how it can manifest in public and private life. Too often discrimination comes from within the community and our workshops on gender discrimination aim to empower women to be able to react against it in the most effective way.

From issues like forced marriage and sexual consent, to education and the hijab, we look at evidence from the Qur’an that put emphasis on equality and empowerment for women. Challenging the cultural and religious interpretation of women’s rights, we aim to educate women about the Islamic and British human rights approaches to equality and provide an alternative narrative and a credible argument to say no to extremist ideologies.

We can not sit back and watch as extremists and their twisted ideas take over our homes and our communities. But we can only win this fight by coming together and helping one another.

Join our movement today.